Help shape the future of your Society

Because we value your feedback, we’ve created an online member forum, TalkingPoint.

We want to get to know our members really well, so we can help you get on with life. We believe it is important to know what really matters to you and help make us, our products and services even better. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on a wide range of subjects from the Society itself, to the financial industry in general, via regular votes, forums and more.

In return, we’ll share news on how we have used your feedback, so you’ll get to know more about us too!

Since TalkingPoint launched in November 2015, we’ve already used your feedback in a number of ways. Just one example is the charities we’ve supported at this year’s AGM. TalkingPoint members chose Sense, Depaul UK and the Leeds Building Society Foundation to benefit from proceeds generated by votes.

As a mutual, we’re shaped by your input and TalkingPoint gives you the chance to be part of the conversations which help shape your Society!

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