Register for online services

Registering for online access to your savings account gives you a range of benefits.

We've created this short video to explain the benefits of registering and how you set up your new details if you're new to our online services.

How do I register for online access?

To register for online access simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your name, date of birth, account number, and address
  2. To verify you we'll ask some identity questions which only you should know the answer to
  3. Confirm your contact details
  4. Enter the verification codes we've sent to your mobile (if you've provided one) and email
  5. Create your own username and password
  6. Set up your memorable questions (these help us make sure it’s you when you want to access your account in the future)

Please note: Joint account holders need to register separately

Useful information

Why are you asking identity questions?

We take online security very seriously so we need to identify you before we can give access to your accounts.

We use Experian’s Identity Questioning Service to verify your identity, this won’t affect your credit score.

Which account number should I use to register?

You can use any open savings account number.

How does registration work for joint accounts?

Joint account holders need to register separately for online access to their accounts.

Which accounts will I be able to see when I've registered?

You will be able to see most savings accounts except:

- Children’s accounts
- Charity accounts
- Client Line
- Self Invested Personal Pensions
- Insurance products

Where can I find my account number?

You'll find your 10 digit savings account number in your passbook or annual statement.

Why are you sending me a verification code to my email and mobile?

To make sure the details you've entered are correct and you have access to them.

Why do I need to set up memorable questions?

Your memorable questions will help you manage your account in the future. They help us identify you when you access your account.

Can I register over the phone?

Unfortunately you can't set up your online login details over the phone, but we can help if you're having trouble.