Changes to how you log in

You can now choose your own username and password instead of using your customer number. Next time you log in you'll be asked to create your new login details.

To help you with this we've created a short video.

Setting up new details

To set up your new details just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your 10 digit customer number
  2. To verify you we'll ask for your date of birth, surname and 3 characters from your password (call us if you need to reset your password)
  3. Confirm your contact details
  4. Enter the verification codes we've sent to your mobile (if you've provided one) and email
  5. Create your new username and password
  6. Set up your memorable questions (these help us make sure it’s you when you want to access your account in the future)

Useful Information

What happens if I don't set up new details?

You won’t be able to use your old details after Saturday 3rd March 2018. You’ll need to set up new details to log in online.

What if I've forgotten or lost my customer number?

What if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, you can give us a call to reset it.

Why do I need to set up memorable questions?

Your memorable questions will help you manage your account in the future. They help us identify you when you access your account.

Can I set up my new details over the phone?

Unfortunately you can't set up your online login details over the phone, but we can help if you're having trouble.

What is my customer number?

Your customer number is the 10 digit number you currently use to log in to your online services.

How do I know if I've registered for online services?

You may have registered yourself, or if you've ever opened a savings account or applied for a mortgage online we'll automatically have registered you for online services.

Does my customer number expire?

No, your customer number doesn't expire, but after you've set up your new login details you won't need to use it again to log in.