Regular Saver Accounts

We all have something special we want to save for.  With our Regular Saver account you can make regular monthly deposits to build up your savings pot for those future investments.

Note that you can only have one Regular Saver (Issue 7) at a time (including joint accounts). If you open a second Regular Saver (Issue 7), the money deposited in that account will be transferred to an instant access account.

Please note that you cannot open a Regular Saver (Issue 7) if you already have a Regular Saver (Issue 5 or 6).

If the balance falls below the minimum operating balance, the rate of interest that shall apply is currently 0.05% Gross‡ p.a./AER† (variable).

  • Interest rate:

    2.30% Gross p.a/AER fixed until 02 September 2018.

    Interest paid: calculated daily and paid on maturity (02 September 2018).

    Minimum operating balance: £50.

    Maximum operating balance: Initial maximum balance is £250. The maximum balance then increases each month by £250 up to a total maximum balance of £3,000 (£3,000 for joint accounts) at the end of the fixed term.

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