Funeral Planning

Dignity offers three types of funeral plan: the Amber, the Pearl and the Diamond. Each option comes with different features. The table below explains the differences between the three plans in detail.

The Guaranteed ServicesThe AmberThe PearlThe Diamond
Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral
Guidance on registering the death and collecting paperwork needed for the funeral to go ahead
Transport of the deceased to the Nominated Funeral Director's premises (within 50 mile radius, excluding ferry and air fares)
Preparation and care of the body (embalming not included)
Family viewing during normal business hours - -
Family viewing during weekdays, by agreed appointment - -
Family viewing any time, by agreed appointment - -
Coffin (fully lined and fitted, gown included) Wood effect coffin Quality wood effect coffin High quality veneer coffin
Funeral director and staff to attend the service
Provision of a hearse
Limousine to transport family/mourners No Limousine 1 Limousine 2 Limousines
Hearse to go directly to the crematorium or burial site only - -
Funeral procession from home to place of worship and crematorium or burial site (service at a separate location before cremation or burial not included) -
Collection of charitable donations
50 thank you cards -
24-hour telephone bereavement counselling
The Guaranteed Cremation Services   
The cremation fee*
Minister's or Officiant's fee*

If you have questions that aren't answered here, have a look at our frequently asked questions page ».

Once you've decided which payment plan is right for you, get in touch with your nearest branch of Leeds Building Society to set up an appointment.

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 *If a burial is required, the services marked with an asterisk are not covered by the guarantee. This is because burial costs vary widely so cannot be fully guaranteed in the same way as a cremation. Instead, a contribution of £1,200, which rises in line with inflation, is made towards burial fees and any services provided by third parties (such as Minister's or Officiant's fees). If you are interested in a burial funeral, please call Dignity on 0800 652 3345.*

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