Please note: Leeds Building Society only accepts mortgage applications from intermediaries where they are providing an advised sales service, with the exception of Buy to Let & Holiday Let applications. It is the responsibility of the intermediary to ensure that all applicable law including, without limitation, the Financial Conduct Authority rules on advised mortgage sales are complied with including, without limitation, the provision of adequate explanations.

Mortgage Processing - Current Service Standards

Last updated 24/03/2017 at 12:00

  • Decision in Principle Response Time

    This is the average time we took to respond yesterday but during peak periods it may take longer and this can be up to 6 hours in exceptional cases.

    4 hours
  • Minimum Documentation Correspondence

    To enable case to progress to underwriting (excludes day of receipt and scanning of post)

    1 working day
  • Reviewing Applications Sent To Our Underwriting Queue

    Excludes day of receipt and scanning of final minimum submission document(s)

    2 working days
  • Pre and Post Offer Correspondence

    Excludes day of receipt and scanning of post

    2 working days
  • Offer Turnaround

    From the date minimum submission documents received

    8 working days
  • Telephone Service Level

    188 Seconds